How does your business use your TAS? Is it just a compliance document or does it provide clear and real guidance on how to deliver your courses? Read More

Understand TAE Question of the Week by Lauren Hollows

How do your assessors ensure reliability and fairness. 

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Understand TAE Question of the Week by Lauren Hollows

How do your assessors ensure reliability and fairness. 

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This week we look at your assessors, are they assessors, evidence collectors or do they just tick the box? Notes are available below. 

UTAE Question of the week

How much do your staff actually know? How do they apply compliance requirements, processes and procedures. Each week we will be giving you easy to action tips to help you gauge the health of your RTO!


However, many RTOs still struggle to get staff to understand a crucial link; how the RTO Standards are built into the policies, procedures and tools and how those then need to be applied in order to ensure a quality outcome. And the result is that when auditors speak with students and staff during audits, the student experience and evidence of competency is not line with either; the Standards or company policy and procedure. The result? The Training and Assessment process is diminished... Read More

How do you measure your trainers ability to deliver in line with your policies and procedures? How confident are you about their skills and knowledge? How do you and your organisation support the continued development of your trainers? 

Find out answers to these questions and more in this article! 

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Fast forward ten years and I still love VET, every day I wake up wanting to make a difference in our industry and most days, I like to think that I do in some small way. What is it that makes someone successful in VET and education? Is it because they love what they do, that they have a true passion for education? Is it that we have a purpose which is larger than ourselves? Passion and purpose are important; but in VET for the most part, that is easy. Read More

This year’s National VET Conference was a raving success again thanks to the incredible team at Velg Training and included a massive coup for Velg Training of a full day stream of sessions from the national regulator ASQA.

I was lucky enough to attend and for those that couldn’t, have included highlights from a range of sessions and the exhibitors.

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There is growing interest and focus on Trainers & Assessors out there! We are thrilled to see ACPET and VELG announce Trainer PD Week as here at Understand TAE, we live it everyday! We believe that the quality and future of the VET sector is driven by the quality of our VET Practitioners, so the more investment we see in our trainers and assessors, the more confident we can feel about the future of VET. Next week, Understand TAE will be collaborating with RTO Doctor on a Facebook Live session with more in depth information about Trainer & Assessor Q&A and the link will be posted and available through our respective social media channels.

As many of you would know, earlier this year UTAE launched the industry first UTAE VET Practitioner Assessment & UTAE Trainer Development System and we are loving working with clients and seeing the positive results! One of the key differences about how we approach RTOs, trainers and PD? We are proactive, we focus on the positive, we don't try to manage trainers, we work in partnership with the RTO and Trainer to help them on their journey as a lifelong learner. This is an important distinction, it's hard to run a RTO without trainers, and in our experience trainers aren't a problem to be managed but a resource to be utilised, appreciate the resource and you will see your business appreciate too!

So today, here a few quick tips and tricks that we will go into in more detail in our Facebook Live session next week!

My trainers qualifications are outdated, superseded, I've heard a lot about the level of detail, is it easier for me just to RPL my trainers and give them the qualification?

We get this from a lot of RTOs and understandably so, the level of detail you need to provide when the trainer doesn't have the unit of competency does vary a lot when it comes to auditor interpretation. However, it needs to be said that RPLing your own staff can be a dangerous game, conflict of interest anyone? We will be covering this in detail but a few things to consider are how you will ensure that your assessors maintain objectivity in their assessment with their colleagues and are there other options like working with other providers that provide a bit more rigour to the process?

As a trainer, I am part of a lot of LinkedIn groups, I get subscriptions for all the industry magazines, why is this not considered industry currency?

This is common. Let's go back to the Standards for this one... "current industry skills directly relevant to the training and assessment being provided" additionally in the User Guide notes that "it is the responsibility of your RTO to retain evidence"... Now, this does not mean that you have to go back into industry, there are a lot of ways to maintain your Industry Currency, big shout out to TrainerPD here for any trainers looking for industry currency stuff for business and management. However, at UTAE we encourage trainers to reflect on meaningful engagement with PD, so ask yourself, what do you learn from the PD? How has the PD made you change your practice? From this, how do you evidence that?

What does VET Professional Development need to look like?

Again, let's start by taking it back to the Standards... "undertake professional development in the fields of the knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning and assessment including competency based training and assessment."

So there are lots of ways to look at this, you can look at covering it off in relation to the TAE covering assessment, design and delivery. At UTAE we use a range of frameworks including the VET Practitioner Capability Framework, Core Skills for Work Framework, TAE16 and the Standards to cover training/facilitation, assessment, compliance and conscientiousness and industry engagement. Regardless of how you classify it, it's important to ensure you evidence your last twelve months and your next 12 months, remember this should be tied into your industry engagement and be systematic.

We'll be covering a lot more information at the Facebook live session, so make sure you tune in next Wednesday to the RTO Doctor FB page and keep an eye out on the Understand TAE YouTube and LinkedIn Pages too! You can also find out about all the workshops, conferences and events that we will be attending here!

Look forward to seeing you all live!

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